Frequently Ask Question

Frequently Ask Question

Do we need to pay our existing panel clinics after we sign up with Red Alert Online?

Companies only need to make ONE online payment to Red Alert on a monthly basis and we will pay the respective clinics utilized by your staff accordingly.

What is the termination notice with Red Alert Online?

We require a written notice of 1 month (with cause) or 3 months (without cause) should you wish to terminate our services in future.

Is system (i.e. Red Alert Online portal) training conducted upon signing? Will subsequent re-training be provided should there be HR staff turnover?

We provide comprehensive system training to all our corporate client’s HR / Admin / Finance team and subsequent re-training upon request should there be staff turnover at the company.

Are companies allowed to add or terminate any panel clinics when needed?

Companies are free to add or terminate panel clinics to suit their needs.

Does Red Alert implement PDPA rules and regulation for companies upon any companies signing up?

We abide by PDPA terms and conditions as per our companies internal guidelines.

Does Red Alert provide in house clinic setup and management for companies?

We are more than happy to provide in house healthcare services for any corporation that offers such services to their employees.

How many corporate clients is Red Alert currently servicing at this point of time?

We are servicing over 850 corporate clients to date and this number is steadily increasing.

How many clinics does Red Alert have in its panel?

To date, we have an extensive network of over 3,000 outpatient panel GP clinics and 80 dental clinics in our panel.

Are there any other hidden charges / costs when signing up with Red Alert Online?

There are no other hidden charges as all the fees will be provided in our formal quotation and service agreement upon signing up.

Does Red Alert Online provide other add on/value add services apart from normal TPA services?

As part of our service, we support HR in wellness / health talks / health screening campaigns and on- site health events / vaccination services, etc.

Who should we contact/liaise with in case there is no dedicated branch /sales team in my area?

You may contact our 24 hour call Centre at Tel: +603-2167 8126 and your enquiry will be managed by our dedicated KL based team.

What is the standard turnaround time for new/replacement card request?

Our standard processing time for new / replacement card request is 10 working days.

How do I reach Red Alert Online?

Our 24 hour call Centre number is +603-21678126.

Is there a minimum number of employees to sign up on Red Alert Online?

Minimum number of 20 employees to sign up with us.

Do we need to pay any deposit if we engage Red Alert Online services?

We do not impose any deposit amount if our client can settle their monthly card invoice / statement of claims within 45 days or less.
However, we do require a 2 month deposit if your company requests for a longer credit term or has a headcount of below 50 pax.

Are there any fees in engaging Red Alert services?

We do not impose any administrative fees upon signing up with Red Alert. Only a one time new registration fee for each employee and their dependents will be required.

What is Red Alert?

Corporations can expect to use Red Alert Online Healthcare card, a single card for medical transactions, to minimize the misuse of medical benefits by employees as well as facilitate processing of claims for employers, said Red Alert Online Sdn Bhd Administrator Noorreha Abdullah. She said the card, which was applicable online, provided real-time employees’ medical utilization information, instant eligibility verification, instant verification of medical bills and also facilitates paperless claims.

Employees also do not have to fill up any medical or claim forms because the required information and their profile are already stored in the card. They would have to only present the card at selected clinics, which would be swiped at a Letter of Authorization (LOA) terminal for verification, Noorreha said in Shah Alam yesterday. The information in the card will show the medical history of the employees and their last visit. Noorreha said billing details and general medical analysis, among others, would be made available in real-time online, immediately after the visit.

She said the technology would enable employers to save their time on paperwork as they would be able to monitor their employees’ utilization of the medical benefits in the clinic via online. Noorreha said more employers were seeking real-time access facility to monitor employees’ use of benefits and eliminate the hassle of claims processing and other paperwork. Red Alert Online Healthcare card processes claims and payments between the healthcare provider and employer, with an IT infrastructure that leverages on credit card technology architecture. Noorreha said research showed that employees’ attendance increased between 20% and 30% after using the card. In the initial phase, the online health card will be marketed to employers in the Klang Valley. Some 20 private clinics in the Klang Valley had adopted the technology, she said. Red Alert Online is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nadin Group, which has business interests in medical, information technology, retail, property and leisure. – Bernama